Physiotherapy/Sports Rehabilitation

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”Physiotherapists and sports rehabilitators help people affected by injury, illness or disability through movement and exercise, manual therapy, education, and advice.”


Gary Taylor

“Just finished a course of treatment on a lower back muscle spasm with Amy

She is brilliant; she explains every step to you, very professional, excellent service, highly recommend New Wave Physio”.

Matthew Crehan

“The Best Physio!

I’m a national-level distance runner, and the team at New Wave is fantastic, always fitting me in when a niggle turns up that could affect my training and helping me identify issues before they become anything worse. A vital part of my team as I aimed for the 2020 Olympics”.

What can I expect at my appointments?

Firstly, at an initial assessment, your physiotherapist or sports therapist will ask you about your injury and how it is affecting you. They will assist you in identifying the root of the problem, explaining what the problem is, and what can be done to help.

Often during your initial assessment (depending on the time taken for the assessment), we make a plan with you and begin treatment which may include massage, joint mobilisations, electrotherapy, and exercise therapy.

On average, you will need at least 3-4 follow-up sessions to get the best results. Follow-up appointments last either 30 minutes or 45 minutes because we believe that spending time with you will help you heal more quickly. No two treatments are the same, as each week, we re-assess your injury and progress treatments accordingly.

Our therapists…

All of our injury therapists are qualified to at least a degree level and are passionate about continued professional development.

We place a high value on many health professions, including Physiotherapists, Sports Rehabilitators, Occupational Therapists, Sports Therapists, and many more. However, not all health insurance companies cover all health professionals.
Please ensure you check with your health insurance and our reception team before booking!

Private Medical Insurance (PMI) Pathway

We are currently only taking BUPA and AXA insurance patients. Because all policies vary, we ask that you contact us on 01925 229885 or via email for more information and to book your appointment.

If you intend to seek reimbursement for your session fee through WPA or a cash back plan, we kindly request that you consult with our reception team prior to booking as you will need to be seen by a HCPC registered Physiotherapist.
All our Physiotherapist’s are HCPC registered.

Please note that coverage for our therapists may vary among health insurance providers, and discussing this beforehand will ensure a smooth process for you.